Today I’m writing about another in the line of craft whiskey distilleries that have popped up around the country seemingly every 5 minutes. That may sound like a knock but while the market may be oversaturated, overall it spells a high time for whiskey if everyone is this excited to get in. In that wave, as well, we get to see some new, bold, and exciting scientific artists enter a world that’s been dominated by many heritage distilleries built on consistency and family lineage.

One of these new distilleries is 1675 Spirits out of Eddington, PA. According to their website it appears they opened their doors sometime in 2018 though not sure when they started distillation. The site also explains that they source from a local granary that keeps it’s grains sourced from within 100 miles of the facility and is 100% non GMO. They produce a vodka and a whiskey. Outside of this much of the information is very vague. No names of their team members or lead distiller nor what kind of grains they use in their spirits be it corn, rye, wheat etc. I understand that they are a newer distillery and have a lot of focus on the operations but it would be nice to see a little more information detailed on their website.

For this review I’m looking at their 1675 whiskey. It is an NAS 80 proof American whiskey aged in barrels with a #3 char that apparently is “produced” and bottled by 1675. Now ‘produced’ is a very vague term these days as it doesn’t say much. Most bottles will (and many are required to) tell you at least the state of distillation. Also, as it doesn’t say ‘distilled’ one might also presume that this whiskey is sourced from somewhere else but if this is the case we also don’t know where. Assuming this is distilled on site we can presume it’s close to the one year mark as the website lists them as opening their doors in 2018. As it’s listed as a ‘whiskey’ (not bourbon - which is far more regulated) the rules may be much more lax on labeling. I did reach out to the company last month for more info or as much as they were willing or allowed to divulge and have not received word back. A lot about this bottle leaves me in the dark so here’s hoping the juice provides a clearer picture!

NOTE: This bottle was received in April of 2019 through a friend who purchased from 1675.


- American Whiskey

- Aged in used, #3 char barrels


- 80 proof/ 40% ABV

- “Produced” and bottled by 1675

- $35

Nose: A waft of gristly corn and barely hits immediately. I’m instantly filled with thoughts of certain Irish whiskeys or even younger scotch. Going back brings a small bit of candy corn sweetness to the nose, indicative of more corn so perhaps not a 100% barley or single malt style product. A bit of ethanol peeks through. Lots of almond and walnut. An interesting if not unpleasant experience on the nose here.

Palate: Flat. Watery. Almost no spice. Certainly a “smooth” pour but at the expense of any real depth of flavor. I’ll call it almond water with the tiniest bit of spice on the back end. The mouthfeel is not unnoticeable but there are no layers or complexity to it. I feel like this might be a somewhat more interesting product if not proofed down to 80.

Finish: Almost nonexistent.

Overall: This started sort of interesting resembling something of an Irish whiskey done with some American grain. A floral, malty nose of almond, while not my go to favorite as a drinker, was definitely interesting. However, on the palate it all fell apart. Whether it was proofed down too much or it was something else, there’s definitely something lacking here in every department. As stated above I’d be highly curious as too the barrel proof along with age to see where they came down to. For $35 however it’s not overpriced but at the same time for that range you can find MANY other higher quality products in my opinion.

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