...and here. we. go.


What do I want to do here? Well hopefully a lot. But the main thing?


That’s right. I know you may have come here to learn what’s ‘best’ or what you should drink or what’s cool right now etc. Sorry to disappoint - not quite the stop for you. Yes, I’ll be giving my thoughts on whiskies but it’s more of a live learning experience for me as my own palate expands and you should be doing the same thing and THAT is what it will all be about.


I want to share with you why I love this so much. I want it to come across in my writing. I want you to read my thoughts (not ‘reviews’ as I’m not making a judgment for you) on different whiskies I want you to hopefully notice how much I care about this spirit distilled from grain. And I hope you see how much I want to continue to learn and in turn I hope it sparks more curiosity from you as well. So you can see how much this industry, this hobby, this spirit, this lifestyle…this community has to offer from its products to it’s history to it’s people.

What I’m NOT here to do is simply show you pictures bottles of fancy or hard to find whiskies that very few people will get to taste and say things like “Well lucky day for me:)” or something just as vapid. I want to taste and grow my palate and expand every horizon possible…not collect shiny things. And I hope you’ll join me. Especially if you’re new to this world like I was not too long ago, I think you’ll find yourself jumping down the rabbit hole just like I did.

…only it’s not a tea party at the other end of this one ;)

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